Gold Note Mediterraneo review

Gold Note Mediterraneo review
22 augustus 2018 Mark van Braam
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Waarde lezer, het merk Gold Note timmert flink aan de weg. Ook de internationale pers is, geheel terecht, in de ban van de Italiaanse draaitafel schoonheden.
Een review welke ik u niet wil onthouden, is die van Paul Rigby. KLIK HIER KLIK HIER KLIK HIER

De conclusie gaat als volgt:

Able to provide crisp detail without sounding bright and an attention-demanding focus without sounding compressed, the Mediterraneo sounds mature in its sonic approach. It also successfully promotes confidence because this turntable always sounds in control of the sonic situation. The Mediatarraneo is both stylish but also a little quirky in its design focus. I see this point as a positive slant to the deck because it helps to remove the turntable from the ‘me too’ pack in terms of design direction. 

As such, Gold Note has taken an aesthetic approach that will appeal to many traditionalists in terms of its style and form, will catch the eye of those looking for a sense of the inimitable but will please both groups in terms of its sonic abilities.

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